Members & Artists

Locust Grove has a wealth of artists and people interested in promoting the arts. Here is a list of our members and of the artists who have contacted us in our community. Click on the name for more details provided by that person. If you would like to be added to this page, Contact Us! We’d love to have you.

Verna Bates

Joan Bennett

Marea Breedlove

Jim Brown

Jess Dinsmore

David Fleming

Verla Fletcher

Bill Glass

Demos Glass

Pam Glass

Jennifer Henson

Theresa Mennecke

Kelly Palmer

Christina and Josie Parker

Robin Pendergraft

Betty Perkins

Roxann Perkins

Shaun Perkins

Pam Quantie

Doris Rable

Georgia Rainbolt

Amy Rather

Mike Reed

April Stone

Dwight Stone

Jason Stone

Mitzi Stone

Willard Stone

Susan Thomas

Mary Lou Turpen

Mike Wheeler

Jerry Yates


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