Kelly Palmer

kellydbdI love junk!

Nothing pleases me more than finding an old treasure and restoring or repurposing that find into a useful piece of furniture or ornamentation. The history of the pieces intrigue and excite me.

Art piece from piano wire
Art piece from piano wire

I recently had to close my business, Dust Bowl Debris, because I could not devote the appropriate amount of time to it for my satisfaction.

dbd-claremoreI now have a small booth at The Cranberry Merchant in Claremore.

I am also available to do custom work for anyone who needs a piece of furniture revitalized. I am currently working on transforming a bedroom in Romp Shop (Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry workshop) into a poet’s retreat and this is where my true love lies. Taking those pieces of history, debris, junk and creating a room is the ultimate high for me.

You can see some of my work and contact information on my Facebook page.

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