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LGAA Members: Back row, L to R: Betty Perkins, treasurer, Shelley Horton, secretary, Sarah Coday, board member, Adele Collette, Jennifer Henson, president. Middle row, John Callery, Linda Stone Callery,  board member, Stuart Horton, Marea Breedlove, vice-president, Virginia Bayless. Front Row: Makenzie Newton, Ray Grass, board member, Roxann Yates, office manager, Jerry Yates, Sara Van Horn, Natalie Van Horn, Kelly Palmer, Shaun Perkins.

The Locust Grove Arts Alliance started in March 2014. Its mission is to provide opportunities for and awareness of the arts in Locust Grove, Oklahoma.

The LGAA is dedicated to bringing art in all of its many forms to Locust Grove, the community, students, and all ages in order to engage people in the arts and to energize and grow the arts community.

We consider the arts to include most creative endeavors, which include the visual arts of painting, sculpting, etc., but also such arts as acting, drama, writing, music, textile arts, jewelry, beadwork, basket-making and more.

We want to support our artists, help them showcase their art in Locust Grove, and make more people aware of the art and artists we have in our community. We want to provide opportunities for people of all ages to engage in art and art activities.

In October 2015, we received our official 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and since then have been working to fulfill our mission and continuing to work on these objectives:

  • To continue to provide opportunities for artists of all ages and backgrounds to have positive experiences, challenges, and educational awareness of the arts in all their forms.
  • To continue to seek grants and programs that will bring unique exhibits and opportunities to our rural community.
  • To expand our membership to at least one-hundred paying and participating members
  • To continue to grow our relationship with the LG schools and provide students with arts opportunities that supplement school programs
  • To continue to work toward bettering the look and feel of our downtown area so that it is an artistic place that people want to visit and work in
  • To work with businesses and organizations in town to pool resources and provide the best living experience for our residents

Donations to the LGAA are tax-deductible, and we can provide a Donation Letter for tax purposes.

If you would like to become a member, please come to one of our meetings. You can pay the $20 membership fee with a check or cash (in person-at a meeting) or through PayPal or a credit card below.

Yearly Membership = $20

Buy Now Button

Any interested citizen is invited to join our group and cause. We meet the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at our LGAA office at 114 E. Main. LIKE LGAA on Facebook to stay apprised of meeting and event details.


President: Kelly Palmer (kpalmer415@gmail.com)
Vice-President: Marea Breedlove (marea64@gmail.com)
Secretary: Shelley Horton (shelleyr.horton@gmail.com)
Treasurer/Newsletter Editor: Betty Perkins (blperkins@sstelco.com)

Board Members:

Sarah Coday
Ray Grass
Linda Stone Callery

Office Manager:

Roxann Yates

LGAA Bylaws 

Contact the secretary if you are unsure of your current membership status.

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