Wonder City Wonders Chautauqua

Alysha Little as Emily Murrell

The Locust Grove Arts Alliance will hold a Wonder City Wonders Chautauqua event as part of the Smithsonian Water/Ways Exhibit coming to town this fall.

Nov. 22, Friday
6:00 p.m.
VFW Hall

The event will coincide with The National Storytelling Network’s Tellabration, an annual celebration of stories.

We are seeking people to play characters from our past–Indian Territory and our town beginnings. Please consider being a part of this show. Below is some history of the Chautauqua movement, possible character choices, and performance suggestions.

The Locust Grove Centennial Celebration book is an excellent source for research. The book can be viewed or purchased at the LG Public Library.

If you would like to play a part in the event, please contact Roxann Yates. We would like to have participants sign up by October 1, 2019.  Email Roxann at: roxannperkins@gmail.com.


Theodore Roosevelt said the Chautauqua was “the most American thing in America.”

In 1874, John Heyl Vincent and Lewis Miller rented a Methodist camp meeting site to use in the post-camp meeting season as a summer school for Sunday school teachers; this became known as the Chautauqua Institution and reflected a nation-wide interest in the professionalization of teaching,”


Confirmed Characters:

O.W. Killam–town founder, Jerry Yates

Trail of Tears participant–Choogie Kingfisher

Emily Murrell–Murrell Home relative, traveled through LG in 1850, Alysha Little

Possible Characters: Must Incorporate Water into all Presentations

George and Margaret McMullen–town store and hotel

Elzina and Oliver P. Ross–Indian allotments

Colonel William Weer–Battle of LG

Yonkers and/or Markham Ferry workers

V. & Alvie Cook–first ice house (where McFarland’s Antiques is)

Dr. Hugh Callery–doctor for 50 years

Willard Stone–Native world-renowned artist

VFW–something and someone associated with this 1st permanent building in LG

LG newspapers

LG post office

Dan Cunningham


Public librarian

Sale Barn

Any restaurants/diners

Law enforcement

Lindsay Mayes Bridge


GRDA rep

Early Families/Possible Characters

Markham, Foreman, Sixkiller, Ross, Cavalier, Crutchfield, etc.

How it Works (source: scribd.com)

Master of Ceremonies:

Performances: 10 minutes each; storytelling, music, poetry reading, Q&A, dance

Length of Show: 90 minutes

Date: Also is Tellabration celebration, November 22

 Three Parts:

  1. Character monologue. (The LG Centennial Celebration book is an excellent source for research).
  2. Character answering audience questions
  3. Scholar describes his/her performance and details

Suggestions for Performance


  1. Who you are and why you’re remarkable.
  2. Attention-grabber.


  1. Who, where, dates, parents.
  2. Anything particular about birth.


  1. Siblings, schools, influences, surprising facts.


  1. Jobs.
  2. Family.
  3. Important events and how they were a product of the times.
  4. Good and bad experiences.
  5. Interesting facts.


  1. When, how, age.
  2. Last words.
  3. Interesting facts.


  1. Go back to attention-grabber. Add to its meaning.
  2. Lasting last words.


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