Lucky Turtle Art Contest

The Willard Stone Museum is holding a raffle fundraiser with the prize being one of Willard Stone’s bronzes, the Lucky Turtle. The LGAA is sponsoring an art contest with pieces inspired by the Lucky Turtle, to help the museum raise funds for the renovation of the museum space. All pieces entered in the contest will be donations that will be given away as prizes for the fundraiser.

Anyone age 1 and up can enter this contest. You can use any art form, as long as your artwork is inspired in some way by the Lucky Turtle.

Categories: Ages 1-10, Ages 11-17, Ages 18 & Up
Prizes in Each Category:
1st: $25   *   2nd: $15   *   3rd: $10

All entries will be on display in a special exhibit at the LGAA Gallery.

See entry form for more details about entering the contest. A signed entry form must accompany each submission.

Lucky Turtle Art Contest Entry Form

The LUCKY TURTLE is approximately 4″ long, 3 1/2″ wide and 1″ tall. This is a 2nd edition. The first edition was very popular and sold out fast. This 2nd edition is limited to a production of 130. The value is $1,500.

The turtle brings luck. The symbolism on it means the following:

Rain Cloud: Prosperity
Mountain: Strength
Turkey Track: Plenty of game
Thunderbird: The Sacred carrier of happiness unlimited

The raffle tickets for the fundraiser can be purchased online or through the mail.
Raffle Tickets $25 each of 5 for $100

ONLINE: Willard Stone Museum
MAIL: Willard Stone Museum, Inc.
PO Box 833
Locust Grove OK 74352

DEADLINE for Art Contest Entries: November 6, 2020

Winners will be announced November 13.

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