LGAA Recycler

This ship for recycling plastic was designed by Matt Foreman and built by Jeremy Ellis with help from Jessica Ellis, Kennith Dallis, and Pete Ellis. It is a part of the Water/Ways exhibit. The material for the ship was paid for by the Locust Grove Arts Alliance. The ship is docked at the corner of Broadway and Main, downtown Locust Grove.

The Recycler accepts only #1 or #2 plastic. Look on the bottom of the item to make sure it is a 1 or a 2. Please make sure any plastic is empty. If you can rinse it out, that’s great, too!

The plastic will all be sent to a recycling center. The ship will be docked at the corner until the Water/Ways exhibit closes on Dec. 7. After that, the LGAA hopes to find another home for it and continue its use as a recycler for the community.


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