Featured Artist: LaTasha Duncan

I'm Pretty When I Cry
I’m Pretty When I Cry–L.D.

LG artist LaTasha Duncan shares the beauty of the abstract

By Shaun Perkins

Reprinted from the print edition of the Pryor Daily Times, Aug. 11, 2016

Art critic Dominique De Menil once wrote, “Nobody is visually naïve any longer. We are cluttered with images, and only abstract art can bring us to the threshold of the divine.”

Not all abstract artists might view their work as having such a goal, but local artist LaTasha Duncan has embraced this genre. However, she told the Times recently, “Not everyone understands the concept or appreciates the beauty in abstract art.”

The Big Bang CAFE
The Big Bang–L.D.

Therefore, she has a goal: “I hope to keep imagination alive in the lives of those around me and help my community understand the true beauty that lies within the abstract world.”

Duncan, who spent her childhood in Chouteau, graduated from Salina and then moved out of state for a time before returning to Oklahoma after years of traveling.

Although returning to live and create her art in Oklahoma has been a challenge, it is also a blessing to be surrounded by friends and family here.

The Deep Blue copy
The Deep Blue-L.D.

“The rewards of creating in a smaller community are great in value. I have received nothing but support and love from everyone in regards to my art career,” Duncan said.

“People will call, comment, and stop by the house to show their support even if they don’t understand abstract art. And that means the world to me. I feel blessed to live in a community that is so supportive.”

Duncan said she comes “from a very artsy family.” “I can remember as a young girl watching my grandmother create paintings on wood or rocks. I remember thinking how beautiful they were and didn’t understand why she would never share them with anyone,” said Duncan.

LaTasha set us at the LGAA Founder’s Day Art Show

She also remembered her great-grandmother. “I would sit on her lap for story time and she would make up the most imaginative, beautiful short stories for me,” said Duncan.

Today, Duncan gets inspiration also from her son Kyler. “He seems to have an eye for the abstract, too, always pointing out objects that others seem to miss,” said Duncan.

Duncan said of her paintings, “All of my pieces have a unique identity, a story to be told, a conscious emotion.” She also said she likes to create pieces that “spark the imagination and inspire the viewer.”

Spirits of the Earth copy
I’m Pretty When I Cry–L.D.

To spread her understanding and love of abstract art, Duncan sells her art online and also teaches classes. She is active with the Pryor Area Arts & Humanities Council and the Locust Grove Arts Alliance (LGAA).

With the LGAA, she is planning the first Wonder City Arts Festival, to be held in the fall of 2017. She is seeking interested artists who want to have a booth to showcase and sell their work at this event, which will be an outdoor one with food and drink vendors and entertainment.

Duncan has recently been gaining more exposure in the art world, with her works accepted into several galleries, including Graphite in Oklahoma City and Xanadu in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the past few months.

For more information about Duncan, please visit her website LaTashaDawn.com.






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