Abandoned LG

An exhibit called Abandoned LG, photographs by Becca Adams, will open on Founder’s Day, May 12, 2018, and will continue for the month.

Becca has been taking and posting photos with commentary about abandoned buildings in Locust Grove. The photographs are artistic and the commentary is interesting and witty. Becca gave us permission to post the photos here. We would love to see these buildings repaired or improved or sold to someone who will repair them and perhaps even bring them back to life in some new form. Thanks, Becca!


First installment in a series I’m going to work on featuring abandoned businesses in Locust Grove. I present to you Phillips Lounge. Must be 21 to enter. I did notice the door was unlocked. I’m going to have to go snoop around in there and get some more pics. Don’t tell anyone.


Installment 2 in the abandoned businesses of Locust Grove. The Office! What once was a post office for many many years turned into a bar.


Installment 3. An old Pawn shop. I know nothing about this place other than when I was little I always thought this was a hand holding an ice cream cone. Come to find out, Jeffery told me not too long ago that he always thought it was an ice cream cone, too!


nursing home

Abandoned building #4. The old nursing home. I can’t remember which high school class it was but we adopted someone from the nursing home and would walk from the school to go visit them during that class. We would play games and paint fingernails. I remember singing songs in the foyer to them and caroling there with our church. I remember an old man that everyone called Sheriff. He would always wear a badge.

green acres.jpg

Installment #5. Green Acres. When I was little this place always caught my eye! Every time we would drive that way, I would look out for the stained glass painting. One day, as we were driving by, I asked my mom something about that “church”. She told me it was a bar and I can remember being mind blown! I had always thought it was a church, I’m sure because of that stained glass painting. I had always just glimpsed the picture as we drove by quickly and had always thought it was a Mother Mary. I see now that it is actually a very pretty landscape. And definitely not a church.


Installment #6. Circle J. I didn’t go into this convenience store very much because I used the drive-thru instead! Now how convenient is that! I remember this place was kind of a meet up spot or turn around when cruising the miracle mile on weekends, ha!

Installment #7. Sams Corner Bar. For years I have meant to stop and take a picture of Yosemite Sam, and when I finally do there is a big blue dumpster out in front of the building. So, for this reason I will have two pictures of this place. We looked around the charred inside very easily because someone has been cleaning it out. The floors were nice and swept. I wonder what is to come!


#8. Sams Corner Store. I can vaguely remember going in this store when I was a little girl with my Granny to get ice or Coke. It almost feels like a dream. I remember entering through a screen door. I don’t think the shelves were fully stocked. I feel like the cashier was on the North wall in there against the windows.


Installment #9. Taxidermist. It also has Sams Corner painted on its west side. I believe someone still lives in the adjoining house but this business is no longer operating. I love the rustic look of this building and I love the Zebra skin on the front door! I have never stepped foot in this place, nor have I ever been to the zoo behind it, which is no longer running either. Can you believe that?! A zoo in Locust Grove complete with a lion! I have heard it roar though. I remember sitting in my cousin Kim’s yard and we would listen for it. Another thing I love about this place is the tree to the right of the building in this picture. It has a huge burl sticking out near the bottom and we call it the “tumor tree”.


#10. Willard’s. Willard’s chicken, need I say more! Best place to skip lunch at school and get chicken strips and cheese sticks. (Just told on myself). They had good pizza pockets, too, if you’re into that sort of thing! I loved this store! I remember Starr the cashier. What a personality! This was a booming place for as long as I can remember, especially when Vickie Herr owned it 😉 I have a few other stories about this place, but not on social media.


Installment #11. Ray and Eve’s Sportsman’s Bar. I’ve never been to this bar, but the memorable thing about this place to me was the twirling red light that would blind you as you drove by letting you know it was open for business! Before it was a bar, it was better known as a bait and tackle shop built by Jim Flynn. And my parents said before that, it was a car wash. This little location is just the gift that keeps on giving. Well, it was anyway.

Installment #12. Jerry’s Dari-Ette. Walking across from the football field or the middle school to eat here was the best! I remember my mom always taking me by here for a twist cone! I loved ordering from out in the vestibule with my parents. It seems like I ordered to go in the vestibule when I was with my parents and inside when I would eat there with friends. I remember playing on the few arcade games they had!


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